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Gozo Jumpsuit in Black

$135.00 $260.00


The Gozo Jumpsuit by The Rushing Hour is the perfect jumpsuit to go from work to date. Featuring plunge V-neck with wide peak suit collar tailoring details. This wide-leg jumpsuit features drop shoulder panel with contrast sleeve piping. The tailoring is one of a kind, inspired by Chanel for the ethical conscious ladies. This dreamy fabric is one of the first in Australia, made from Eucalyptus trees (vegan), feels like silk, luxury tailoring and it kisses the skin like you're in your loungewear all day long. To keep justice for this luxury silky fabric, we make sure that each garment is made with tender care and attention to detail. All garments are finished either fully lined with organic cotton or french seamed.


Fit: regular
Silhouette: na
Sleeve length: short
Shoulder Shape: Covered