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Sonja Dress Beige

$115.00 $382.00

Condition :

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Size Guide

Size: M - Length: 101cm, Bust: 0cm, Hip: 98cm, Waist: 72cm
Size: L - Length: 102cm, Bust: 0cm, Hip: 102cm, Waist: 76cm
Size: L - Length: 157cm, Bust: 90cm, Hip: 100cm, Waist: 74cm
Size: S - Length: 155cm, Bust: 82cm, Hip: 92cm, Waist: 66cm
Size: M - Length: 156cm, Bust: 86cm, Hip: 96cm, Waist: 70cm
Size: P - Length: 145cm, Bust: 78cm, Hip: 88cm, Waist: 62cm
Size: UK 8 - Length: 38cm, Bust: 84cm, Hip: 0cm, Waist: 68cm
Size: M - Length: 78cm, Bust: 90cm, Hip: 104cm, Waist: 72cm
Size: S - Length: 77cm, Bust: 86cm, Hip: 100cm, Waist: 68cm
Size: UK 8 - Length: 85cm, Bust: 0cm, Hip: 100cm, Waist: 68cm
Size: XS - Length: 149cm, Bust: 82cm, Hip: 92cm, Waist: 68cm
Size: XS - Length: 86cm, Bust: 86cm, Hip: 98cm, Waist: 102cm
Size: S - Length: 120cm, Bust: 86cm, Hip: 94cm, Waist: 70cm



The Sonja Dress will have you feeling picture perfect for your next big event. Featuring a fitted silhouette, halter neckline and slight fluted lace overlay. Cuts at knee length.


Silhouette: Pencil
Sleeve length: none
Shoulder Shape: Halter

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Sonja Dress Beige

$115.00 $382.00

Condition : Great