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Trust the Process: Go Behind The Scenes at Second Edit
When it comes to buying preloved, it’s important to know as much as you can in order to make an informed decision. At Second Edit, we pride ourselves on being fully transparent with our stringent processes — the very ones that ensure you have a smooth firsthand experience at shopping secondhand!

Curious about our authentication, condition transparency, or hygiene processes? Read on to find out more.
Can I be sure that your preloved bags are authentic?
With our stringent authentication process, you won’t have to worry about accidentally buying a Triple-A fake!
While other resale platforms may employ manual authentication, many high-grade counterfeits can escape even the well-trained eye of an experienced authentication expert.

To minimize human errors like these, we employ a state-of-the-art machine learning technology that’s able to authenticate designer bags with a whopping 99.1% accuracy. Our entire preloved collection goes through this process so that you can have full confidence and peace of mind shopping with Second Edit!
Will I have full details on a preloved bag’s condition?
Yes. Each and every preloved designer bag that comes through our doors is thoroughly examined for its condition, and meticulously documented on our resale platform through high-definition product photos and detailed product descriptions. Simply browse through a bag’s individual product listing to find out the full condition of the bag! This way, what you see is truly what you’ll get.
How are preloved bags stored and taken care of?
Our preloved bags are kept within individual dust bags to prevent accidental scratches or dirt from entering, and are stored in a 24-hour air-conditioned warehouse, with low-light settings and a humidity-controlled environment to prevent mildew or cracking of leather bags.

Once your order is placed, your preloved bag will go through a general cleaning process at our warehouse before being placed in clean dust bags. It is then sealed in a new delivery box before it exits our warehouse and makes its way to you!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also amped up our safety and hygiene measures at our workplaces, including our warehouse, to ensure that your preloved buys reach you safely.

We constantly make sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to, such as less staff on ground to practice responsible social distancing, opening new shifts for our staff to work in safe limits and reducing chances of social interaction. This is all enforced, in addition to compulsory use of masks and hand sanitation.
Ready to shop preloved with a peace of mind?
Certified over 1,400 bags
Rigorous authentication by experts
Certified by Entrupy AI technology
Here’s your chance to buy designer bags from our collection of brands like Balenciaga, Celine, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, at great preloved prices.

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