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Updated on 10 May 2022
An Ode to Coco Chanel: the Iconic Chanel Gabrielle
Introduced in the spring-summer 2017 collection, the Chanel Gabrielle became the ‘it bag’ to flaunt. Over the years, the late Karl Lagerfeld designer continued to recreate pieces that capture Coco Chanel’s equestrian spirit. This iconic bag is a blend of beauty and practicality - a combination Coco Chanel was a cheerleader for while designing the Chanel 2.55 Bag.
Pictured: Chanel Gabrielle, as illustrated by Karl Lagerfeld
Despite an unusual shape, the Gabrielle hobo is considered chic and classy. Patterned after the binocular cases men used to wear over the shoulder at the racecourse, Chanel Gabrielle carries a cool and contemporary vibe. The full line includes a shopping tote, a backpack, and a drawstring bag. From fashion parties to jet-setting, this timeless handbag has become the accessory of choice all over the world. Joining the classic Chanel Boy Bag that celebrates androgynous style cheering Coco’s pioneering masculine-feminine aesthetic, the Chanel Gabrielle has become a crowd favorite!
Beauty is in the details
Mounted on a rigid thermoformed base, the lower part of the bag is lightweight. The sturdy and structured base maintains the construct of the bag, ensuring the bag doesn’t topple while rummaging through the contents of the bag. Taking inspiration from jokey players, the top half of the bag is crafted with supple and smooth aged calfskin leather.

The adjustable strap flaunts luxurious silver-tone or gold-tone metal chains to rock the bag in more than one way. Wear it across the body, on your shoulder, or wrap the chain to make it a tote. Lined with the unique red fabric on the inside, the Chanel Gabrielle houses a zip pocket and a lipstick holder along with ample space to carry your essentials. Talk about functionality and aesthetics! Any situation or mood – the Chanel Gabrielle got you covered!
Beauty is in the details
To call the Chanel Gabrielle a single bag wouldn’t be enough. The chic design comes as a shopping tote, backpack, and a drawstring bag. Choose your favorite fashion companion from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Available in seasonal basic colors like black, combination of beige & black, white & black. Also, in vibrant shades of red, pink, light blue, and blue.

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    Size Matters

    Chanel Gabrielle bag comes in a hobo version, available in three designs - a backpack, a large shopper and a supple purse contained in a rigid half-case. Amidst a myriad of colours, the Chanel Gabrielle is available in three sizes

    Traditionally, the Classic Flap is a double flap bag that consists of an exterior flap closure and an interior flap compartment. However, on occasion, it has also been made in sizes that can only fit the exterior flap with an open interior. These are known as single flap bags and have since been discontinued since 2014, though it's still possible to find them in the preloved market.


    If you’re the minimalist one - the small bag is your best bet to carry daily essentials like your lip balm, keys, cards, and more!

    Dimensions: 5.9’ x 7.9’ x 3.1’ inches


    If you’re the one who likes it handy yet wants to store everything - the Medium Chanel Gabrielle can carry your smartphone, hand cream, trifold wallet, small notebook, perfume sticks, or chapsticks and more!

    Dimensions: 8.3’ x 11’ x 3.5’ inches


    If you’re the ‘I-got-it-all-in-my-bag] person - the Large Chanel Gabrielle will be your best bet to carry everything from charger, protein bars, sunnies to band-aids.

    Dimensions: 10’ x 12.4’ x 3.7’ inches

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    Materials and Textures

    The range of silhouettes comes in various materials and textures. From leather to denim – there’s a Chanel Gabrielle bag for every mood and occasion.
    The Chanel Gabrielle Bag is a hat tip to the founder Coco Chanel’s belief in designing bags that are focused on women’s freedom, similar to the Iconic Chanel 2.55 bag.

Here’s a quick guide to ensure authenticity while buying a Chanel Gabrielle
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    Pay attention to the Chanel logo - where the letters merge, the fake bags are thicker instead of looking welded. Many counterfeits have C with curved tips while an authentic logo has flat tips.
  • 02

    Ensure to receive an authenticity card. This card contains a serial number to assure authenticity,
  • 03

    Chanel Gabrielle has an embroidered serial number in the lower corner or on the zipper. Make sure the number on your card and bag match.
  • 04

    Rip-offs usually have a lower amount of stitching per panel. Compare the stitching per panel to a real Chanel bag. Fake bags can often be recognised by rough seams and sewing.
Where to Buy an Authentic Chanel Gabrielle?
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Know the Worth
Owing to its history of raising pricing, limiting supplies, and being a favourite in the resale market, Chanel Gabrielle is an investment. Interested in consigning your Chanel Gabrielle Second Edit by Style Theory is making it more convenient and reward-worthy for you! We’re talking about earning up to 80% payouts on your bag.

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